Sunday, 13 April 2014

New Website!

Hi guys!

Please go check out my new website! From there on I will continue writing and I will not use blogspot anymore. Go check it out! 

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Things to buy from the UK

Hi Dolls!

My amazing mom treated my husband and I to a trip to London. We (my mom and sister were tagging along as well) just got back yesterday and since I've lived in Notting Hill a few years back, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to do a blogpost about 10 things to bring home from the UK! 


This is the Bentley under English tea's. You can find it at any tea house and the brand has a wide selection of flavours. Personally I think its way more fun to bring home some typical English tea rather than a plastic red bus. 

No7 Instant Radiance Beauty Balm

This is an amazing product. The product description says: this light and silky lotion gets tired looking skin bright and beautiful. For me it really did the job. It moisturized and brightened my skin. The nr 7 line is an original English brand, but can be found at some other country's too. 


This is not excectly something to bring home but it's a really delicious dish that you can only get in the UK. For the Americans among us, it's like an Amarican muffin but lighter and flat. The best way to eat it is to warm them up and pour some golden syrup on top of them. 


The Simple brand claims to be number 1 skin care brand in the UK. I bought a couple of their products and I'm still trying them out. So far I'm absolutely stunned by the quality of the products. The review will be up next week but I think the simple products for sure belong in this list! 


This make-up brand has something for everyone. Its well know in the UK and first based there. They do ship internationally but I always prefer to see the products in real life. So when you pass by a superdrug store make sure you stop by the sleek counter!


If you are like me, always on the run and in a hurry, this might be the solution to your morning coffee problems. When I lived in London I had to wake up pretty early to catch the underground train to my work place. I'm a disaster in the mornings so a cup of coffee would solve most of my morning problems. The only thing is that I rather sleep an extra 5 min then sit and drink my coffee. So a traveling cup would be the solution. I've searched a lot for a good cup that would not only keep my coffee or tea warm but is also spill proof! The cheap (only 3 pounds!) traveling cup from costa does the trick. I could even hold it upside down and nothing would spill. 

Victoria secret

This is one for my Europe beauties, the only Victoria Secret in whole Europe! I've been to this store on bond street and oh my what an experience. The shop has 4 floors filled with luxury lingerie, clothes, swimwear and accessories. The entourage of this store is truly breathtaking. They have a glitter and sparkly thing going on on the stairs, private restrooms on the top floor and it just makes you feel glamorous walking in there. 


Cadbury is the most popular chocolate brand in the uk. There products ranche from little chocolate bars to wrapped chocolate candies. They provide some of their products gluten, wheat and dairy free which is an absolute must have these days. Over all, I love this chocolate brand and since you can only get it in the UK, it belonged on this list. 


This is officially a Zwedish brand but you can only get this in the UK, Australia and Zweden ofcourse. As much as I love a good pint of beer, a Rekordelig cider is so refreshing every now and then. If you are traveling and it's not to heavy to bring in your luggage, a gift like this cider will make your friend, boyfriend, husband or dad very happy! 

Good memories

As cheesy as this may sound, I have such an amazing time every time I travel to the United Kingdom. There are some great memories to be made and even in this busy world with all the responsibilities you may have and all the stress this economy provides, please take one second of your time to stand still and take all of the beauty of this county in. It's history and architecture and the kindness of the people. If that is something you can bring home, it will be the best of them all.

With love,

That Dutch Gurl

Ps. All of these images are found on Google. I do not own any of them. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New haircut!

Hi Gurls,

I really wish I'd known that cutting off my hair would be such a great journey. I was so unnecessary scared, thinking I would never like it or that it would make me feel less feminine or nobody else would appreciate my brave step. Well guys, I haven't felt so confidant in my entire life! Weeks before my appointment I looked up short hairstyles to get a certain idea of what I wanted. I asked friends and family what they thought I should do and even did my fair share of undos trying to see what it would look like. If I had known what kind of impact chopping it off would have to my self-esteem I would've done it ages ago! I feel much more sexy, beautiful and people around me notice the chance in confidence.

The before and after
Close up look on the after

My amazing bff helping me film and such

My lovely pixie!

I would recommend this to anyone willing to cut it or even thinking about chopping it off. I went to Salon B in Almere. I had such a great experience there and my hairdresser was amazing! She cut it excectly how I wanted it. Do you guys have any questions for me or videos you wanna see regarding my pixie? Please don't hesitate to ask me anything!
See you soon my loves,


That Dutch Gurl

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beautiful pixie hairstyle

Hi Guys! 

Ever since I've been experimenting with hair, It went from short to growing it out again. When my hair had reached the proper length, I chopped it off again. It has been this particular pattern for over 10 years now. The last time I cut it short was over a year ago. I rocked the short a-symmetric bob until I once again got tired of it and grew it out. My hubby and I are planning a big change in our lives. We are moving out of the city we both grew up in and looking into buying a family home in a town a 100 kilometers (61 miles) away. I figured this mayor step could use a dramatic change in my hairstyle as well!

The pixie haircut

Ever since one of my favorite icons Audrey Hepburn rocked this look in the late '50s the pixie haircut has gained its popularity. Many big names of all ages wear this bold hairstyle to express themselves. Although there is an amount of good articles and blogposts about this beautiful cut, I wanted to show you my personal favorite photo's.




There has been lots of negative comments spreading on the internet saying this haircut makes you look boyish or suddenly non attractive. But see for yourself in these pictures, these women look amazing!

So what do you guys think. Should I go for a dramatic hairstyle such as the beautiful pixie cut, or should I play it save? Please let me know! I could use as much advise as you guys are willing to give me :)


That Dutch Gurl

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Stay at home date night make up look

Hi my loves,

Last Sunday was my husband and mine 3rd anniversary. On Saturday we celebrated by going on a city trip to Antwerp. We had so much fun! I will post some of the pics we took later. Sunday we wanted to do a stay at home date night. So I figured why not record a tutorial of the make up I wore! I took out all of the candles we had in home and baked my hubbies favourite cookies. I hope you guys had a lovely weekend and please check out the video I made :)


That Dutch Gurl

Monday, 16 December 2013

Chanel exhibition

Hi guys!

I am so sorry for neglecting you all but I've been super busy! Last week my girlfriends and I went to an exhibition about Chanel in our local museum. There were some pretty inspirational quotes and the authentic clothes they displayed were just amazing! Hope you guys have a great day and talk to you soon! Here are some pictures I took:

Monday, 25 November 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Hi you beauties out there :) 

I can't believe it has already been a month since my first video. I wanna thank every single one of you who watched my tutorials or read my blog. I'm truly thankful for all the amazing and sweet comments and the support I got from you guys! But now onto the fun part. The winner of the giveaway is......

Kayla Modl

Congratulations on your win and if you could send me an email ( with your personal information I will ship out the prizes to you asap. 

I selected the winner trough a random name picker. I copied and paste al of your comments and the random picker did the rest. For the rest of you guys, stay tuned because when I hit a hundred subscribers I will have another giveaway :) So please keep on watching my video's! 

I love you guys! 

That Dutch Gurl