Tuesday, 4 February 2014

New haircut!

Hi Gurls,

I really wish I'd known that cutting off my hair would be such a great journey. I was so unnecessary scared, thinking I would never like it or that it would make me feel less feminine or nobody else would appreciate my brave step. Well guys, I haven't felt so confidant in my entire life! Weeks before my appointment I looked up short hairstyles to get a certain idea of what I wanted. I asked friends and family what they thought I should do and even did my fair share of undos trying to see what it would look like. If I had known what kind of impact chopping it off would have to my self-esteem I would've done it ages ago! I feel much more sexy, beautiful and people around me notice the chance in confidence.

The before and after
Close up look on the after

My amazing bff helping me film and such

My lovely pixie!

I would recommend this to anyone willing to cut it or even thinking about chopping it off. I went to Salon B in Almere. I had such a great experience there and my hairdresser was amazing! She cut it excectly how I wanted it. Do you guys have any questions for me or videos you wanna see regarding my pixie? Please don't hesitate to ask me anything!
See you soon my loves,


That Dutch Gurl

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