Sunday, 19 January 2014

Beautiful pixie hairstyle

Hi Guys! 

Ever since I've been experimenting with hair, It went from short to growing it out again. When my hair had reached the proper length, I chopped it off again. It has been this particular pattern for over 10 years now. The last time I cut it short was over a year ago. I rocked the short a-symmetric bob until I once again got tired of it and grew it out. My hubby and I are planning a big change in our lives. We are moving out of the city we both grew up in and looking into buying a family home in a town a 100 kilometers (61 miles) away. I figured this mayor step could use a dramatic change in my hairstyle as well!

The pixie haircut

Ever since one of my favorite icons Audrey Hepburn rocked this look in the late '50s the pixie haircut has gained its popularity. Many big names of all ages wear this bold hairstyle to express themselves. Although there is an amount of good articles and blogposts about this beautiful cut, I wanted to show you my personal favorite photo's.




There has been lots of negative comments spreading on the internet saying this haircut makes you look boyish or suddenly non attractive. But see for yourself in these pictures, these women look amazing!

So what do you guys think. Should I go for a dramatic hairstyle such as the beautiful pixie cut, or should I play it save? Please let me know! I could use as much advise as you guys are willing to give me :)


That Dutch Gurl


  1. Uhm, wouldn't really know. I've actually never had my hair cut short. My mother loves my hair long so when I was a child I actually didn't have any say in that...then during my teenage years I had problems with acne and low selfesteem so long hair was useful to hide myself and what I thought was an ugly that I finally got rid of pretty much any sign of acne and I got a lot more confidence I've actually thought about chopping my hair off and obtain a totally new look!
    Problem is...I'm really scared :( This haircut looks great though...these women look so carefree and happy....such a fresh and 'sparkly' look. But I'm still scared about regretting touching my hair, afraid that it would totally not suit my face at all...I'm so used to wearing my hair long or at least shoulder lenght @.@
    Still I really don't think such a hairstyle would actually make any girl look masculine or unappealing. It probably suits some women more than others depending on the shape of the face or the boldness or fineness of their features...From the few pictures I've seen of you I think you could actually carry this look perfectly! I personally will try to persuade myself to give this a try if I will finally manage to pass my final german university exam next week! It might be a wonderful idea to celebrate my freedom from university! xD

    PS: sry for the long comment @.@

    1. Hi Love,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love to hear from you guys and the more the better. I understand your problem. Especially if you found comfort in your long hair. Maybe it would be a great opportunity for you chopping it off. Symbolically moving on from the insecure girl you were and expressing the beautiful women you are now! Just talk to your hairdresser to see what he or she thinks frames your face best. Whatever you decide, I'm sure you'll do what's best for you. If you decide to cut it, please email me! Lots of love and hugs from me