Monday, 11 November 2013

My week in Photo's

Hi guys! 

This week flew by too! I have been working on some cool tutorials for you guys, played some on my nintendo ds, worked like crazy and had an awesome lunchdate with a friend of mine. Tell me what you liked most out of this week and don't forget to watch the video about my giveaway! You can find the link on your left. Have a great monday everybody! 

On monday I filmed a tutorial. Check it out! It's really cool :) 

I love making my own smoothies! This one is a banana spinach one with a bunch of other fruits. My hubby and I are trying to watch what we eat as we will be travelling a lot next year. Would you guys like me to vlog our journey? Please comment below :)  

I have to work hard as a dental assistant. So drinking tea helps me to relax a little and stay hydrated. Watch my giveaway video to win some awesome prizes and Dutch tea!!

Before I go to sleep, I love to play with my Nintendo. Who wouldn't love a pink console like this one? 

It was literally freezing this week! I figured there would be no better moment for my Uggs to come out and warm up my feet :) 

I got to have lunch with one of my best friends this week. We went to this place on the beach where they have fire pits to warm yourself at. I love drinking fresh mint tea when its cold out :) 

My amazing hubby surprised me out of nowhere saying that I worked so hard and deserved a little treat! So he gave me this present, (which smells amazing btw) took me out to a nice Greek restaurant and we watched a movie after. Thank you babe! 

Sunday morning we went to a meeting and had a family gathering but before that I woke up extra early (had such a sleepy head) and lit up a bunch of candles while doing my hair and make-up! I love my vanity so much ;)

I hope you guys had a great week as well and enjoyed my week in photo's.


That Dutch Gurl

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