Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Eyebrow 101: Shaping your brows!

Hi Guys!

From very early age I was intrigued by the shape of eyebrows. I saw my mom plucking hers, watched friends do theirs and saw all those celebrities with perfectly shaped brows. Ever since the day I started doing my own brows I'd gotten many questions on how I did it and they got really bad over time so I figured to do a tutorial on how to pluck your own brows!

Step one:

With a spatula or your tweezers determine the shape of your brows. You can do this by putting it against your nose and along the inner corner of your eye, then draw a line with a liner. Do the same thing on the other corner of your eye as shown in the picture and draw a line again. This should work as your guide. 

Step 2

With a brow brush or a spoolie brush your hairs in the direction of the natural growth. Remove everything outside those lines. So that you have a clear frame to work with. 

Step three

Determine where you want your arch to be. For my shape of brow just finding the highest part of my brow and drawing a line was enough, but you can always get help with one of those shaping stencils. (If you want me to do a tutorial on it, comment below) Remove every hair under that line and don't forget: Never pluck above your eyebrow!

Step four

This is the final result. Now you beautify yourself and fill in your brows if needed :) 

With make-up and filled in brow.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope I made it a little easier for you. Please don't mind the photo's of me without make-up! If you have any questions please comment below!


That Dutch Gurl


To reduce some of the pain, you can put a metal spoon (ice works just as well if you dry the area completely before you tweeze) in the freezer for about an hour so that it is completely cold. Place that over the area you want to tweeze so that it decreases the feeling.


  1. Mooie ogen!! En mooie wenkbrouwen het is heel duidelijk allemaal!! :-) :-) :-)

    Groeten Nickey

  2. weer geweldige post, hoop dat je snel veel volgers krijgt!!!! Love you xxx