Thursday, 17 October 2013

Getting to know me!

Hi Guys!

As a half Italian, half Dutch kid growing up in The Netherlands I didn`t want to listen to my mom teaching me how to wash my face properly. While time passed and I grew older, I began to understand why she said it was so important and I`m still thankful! I began to understand the world of beauty and thought it was so glamorous! I was eager to try every item of make-up I could lay my hands on (my mom had to slow me down big time!), or try different kind of facial mask with all my girlfriends.

From left to right: Me around the time I discovered my passion (I bleached my hair really bad at the time), my beautiful cousin and my little sister in Italy where our family is from.

But my hunger for beauty wasn`t satisfied at all. Being the perfectionist that I am, I wanted to learn how to correctly put on make-up. So I started my investigation. I googled a few words and no minute later I found this beautiful girl showing me how to do heatless curl through the computer. Right there and then I found my passion!

Many years and watched tutorials later, my friends, family and others come to me with their question. I was fortune enough do a couple make up gigs including bridal make-up on a beautiful bride and myself too!

 My amazing supportive husband and I got married on 05-04-13 <3

I enjoy passing my knowledge on and helping other people look even more beautiful so much, I  decided to start a blog. I don`t know how this is going to work out but I really hope some of you beauty`s out there will enjoy reading my tips! Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions :)


That Dutch Gurl


  1. hi Milena, wat geweldige blog heb je gemaakt!!!! En ik ben de eerste die er in schrijf!!!! Heel veel succes, veel liefs je mammie.

    1. Super bedankt! Thanks mama!! Love you :) xxx

  2. Super leuk milena !! Ga het zeker lezen...

  3. Super leuk milena !! Ga het zeker lezen...