Sunday, 27 October 2013

My week in photo's

Hi Guys,

This week flew by! Last sunday I went to a organic farmers market in the city centre, I went snowboarding, filmed a couple new tutorials which are coming up soon but the best part of the week was spending the weekend with my family. My amazing dad and hubby build me a desk which I absolutely love to death! Today Martz (My husband) put together my drawers and is building me some shelves. Next week there will be some more jobs done, like putting up the wallpaper and getting a side table. If you would like I can do a make up room tour just comment below.

But first my week in photo's:

We had a 12 hour slow cooked pork sandwich at the organic market! It was delish!

This is my absolute all time favourite cake ! An organic red velvet 

I filmed a tutorial during snowboarding! It will be up soon :)

Plucked my brows. The tutorial is up! 

I know, it's bad. Working on a tutorial to show you guys how I overcame my biting habit!

On our way to my family I couldn't resist to buy a couple sweaters. 

The perks of a beauty addict! Washing brushes ;)

Have a  nice day and week to all of you cuties out there!


That Dutch Gurl

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  1. Leuk om je week weer zo te lezen, en was ook zo blij om de zaterdag samen met jullie door te brengen, love you xxx